making things easier

Improved collaboration

For all of your work you can now easily collaborate with both clients and vendors through totalflow. 

Post comments and progress notes, send messages and live-chat, with the ability to also video conference. Staying in contact has never been easier! 

Single source of truth

With the ability to allow for all of your business’ activity within totalflow, you now truly have a signle source of truth for your business. 

No more need to jump between three, four or five different applications to find information. 

Keep up-to-date with real time information, track your profit and loss through totalflow from individual projects and employees all the way to the organisation as a whole. 

Streamlined workflows

Follow projects all the way from quotation to delivery within totalflow. 

Keep a record of all communication and all documents, too. 

Permission systems

totalflow’s unique permission system is designed to allow for complete and/or limited access to users (employees, clients and vendors). 

For example, add a client to the project they’re involved in and allow them to just view the progress or allow them to post comments, images, etc. 

Further, allow an employee the ability to create, edit and delete tasks in their everyday work tasks. Need them to sign a policy or review an important document? Then allow them that specific functionality, without hindering their normal everyday work tasks in other areas of your account within totalflow.  

Document management

Store all of your business’ critical documents from employment contracts to shareholder’s meetings minutes to OHS policies to client contracts all within “data rooms”.

Create, edit and revise Microsoft documents (word, excel and powerpoint) within totalflow. AutoCAD too. 

For tasks that need a document reviewed and/or signed, you can include the document within that task and prompt a response from users (employees, clients and/or vendors) at login or when they select said task. 

No hidden costs, our pricing is simple and straight forward, with the aim of proving a better service at a cost-effective pricing. 

totalflow, makes business easier