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Create & Customise Unlimited Levels of User Permissions

Permission Levels

For better management of Cross-Organisation-Working and Multi-Tasking, totalflow has User Permission Levels in all areas of the organisation. Company, Business Units, Engagements & Projects.

With four fixed Permission Levels in each organisation area, you can also create unlimited User Permission Levels to match needs and growth, and to easily engage Outsourced Teams, Consultants, Clients & Vendors into the collaboration loop.

Be specific and create Permissions Levels for each individual User.

User Permissions

About Super Administrator

The User who registered the totalflow account, is by default, the Super Administrator and controls all permission levels.

totalflow allows multiple Super Administrators (for example Joint Owners, Partners or Co-founders), and there is a procedure for the transfer or removal of a Super Administrator.

Scenario 1

Multiple Super Administrators

Mary and her two colleagues are partners in an architectural business. And for equal access to the company’s information and data they are all Super Administrators.

As part of an acquisition, Mary’s two partners agree to sell their share of the business and jointly follow the procedure to remove themselves as Super Administrators.

Default Permission Levels

Users, according to their individual roles, are assigned default Permission Levels in each organisation area.

Secondary Permission Levels

If required to support other Business Units, Engagements or Projects, User can be assigned Secondary Permission Levels, to either increase or decrease their privileges, according to the role requirements.

Secondary Permission Levels can be assigned within the specific area, with no effect on the Users default Permissions.

Note; Users can be assigned multiple Secondary Permission Levels. In Project ‘Y’ a User has Manager level, while in Project ‘Z’ has Project Manager level.

Scenario 2

Secondary Permissions

Isabella’s default Business Unit Permission Level is Assistant Manager and works in the Production Business Unit.

For a short period she is needed to support the Finance Business Unit with some end-of-year administrative tasks. Inline with company policy, when added to the Finance BU her permission level is set as Admin Support (her Secondary Permission Level), with no effect when she switches back to the Production BU.

Adjusted Defaults (Real Time Adjustments)

A unique feature, Real Time Adjustments support the need to quickly Add or Remove an individual permission (for example, remove the ability to Delete Files) to meet specific requirements of a Business Unit, Engagement or Project.

Once an adjustment has been made at the Business Unit, Engagement or Project level, the User’s permission will be displayed as, “Adjusted Default”

Scenario 3

Adjusted Default Permission Level (On-the-fly adjustments)

For a specific Project there is a requirement to restrict Users from downloading files.

All Users assigned to the project, with the ability to download files, can have this specific permission removed (for the individual project), with no affect in other areas where they work under their default permissions.


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Adjusted Default Permissions

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